Code of Ethics

The purpose of this code is to record the core values and principals within which Beaumont Community Credit Union will conduct its affairs.

This credit union will conduct its relationships and operations in accordance with this code and uphold its fundamental commitment to serving its members. This credit union is committed to the highest standards of responsibility and conduct and subscribes to the following guidelines:

to members:

  • To provide the highest level of personal financial services in a courteous and professional manner and treat all individuals fairly with regard to race, creed, nationality, sex, religion, disability, social or economic value
  • To encourage thrift and savings and to protect the assets placed in our care and custody and pay the member a fair and competitively priced return
  • To provide consumer loans at the lowest cost possible to the member, consistent with good business practices
  • To provide members with timely and accurate information regarding the financial conditions, operations, and services of the credit union and of their individual accounts or transactions
  • To preserve and protect the privacy and confidentiality of all member financial records and transactions
  • To abide by the letter, spirit and intent of state and federal consumer protection laws and regulations and to provide members with complete and accurate information concerning their rights
  • To increase member knowledge and ability to manage and control their financial well-being through counseling and by providing educational information and materials

To credit union movement:

  • To promote and protect the best interests and reputation of the credit union movement and avoid and resist influences and practices which are detrimental to it
  • To associate and cooperate with other credit unions in building a strong democratic movement for more effective services to members
  • To support the credit union movement and what it stands for: "People Helping People"

standards of leadership for staff and officials:

  • To observe the highest level of personal conduct at all times
  • To strictly uphold the laws, by-laws, rules, policies and regulations relating to the operations of a credit union
  • To guard against the use of the credit union position for personal or financial advantage or special privilege and avoid conflicts of interest with its policies and operations
  • To neither engage in or condone any exploitation of the individual member, the credit union or the industry
  • To protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of staff and members, and member financial records and transactions discussed at board meetings
  • To carry out all the duties and responsibilities of the credit union position to the best of one's ability seek opportunities to increase that knowledge and skill
  • To adhere to open, democratic procedures in the election of officials and their formulation of credit union policy and procedure
  • To pay adequate salaries and provide employee benefits for those persons professionally engaged in management and operations
  • To strive to recruit and employ personnel whose standards and qualifications are consistent with the philosophy of the movements and the needs and capabilities of the credit union
  • To strive for low operational costs and a maximum return of income to the members in the form of dividends and services. The credit union will not charge fees inconsistent with the law and bylaws
  • To uphold these principles as fundamental to the well-being of the credit union and to its continued growth and progress

Adopted by the board of directors on September 20, 2006